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Unlock Your Potential.
Create Your Future.

FreeBe mentors entreprises and entrepreneurs willing to grow, improve and reach their business and personal goals, combining experience and expertise both in business and personal development. Browse through this website to know what FreeBe can do for you and contact us for any question or request.


FreeBe was founded in 2015 by Sophie Malarme-Lecloux, personal Mentor and Board Director, to support businesses and executives in their development. 

Sophie enriched her MBA academic studies with more than 20 years of experience in Financial and Entrepreneurial sectors. As investor and Board Director, she has been acting as a long term partner alongside entrepreneurs and gained a large experience in strategic analysis, management assessment and business development. 

Convinced that people development is key in business development, Sophie followed coaching trainings to support companies both on business and personal development levels. She is currently mentor of CEO's, entrepreneurs, teams to develop leadership, innovation, talents and resilience.

She is involved in various startups acceleration programs and in large corporates to support innovation using Lean StartUp techniques in coaching entrepreneurs and teams.

Since 2004, Sophie is also acting as Independent Board Director in several companies of all sizes, from university spin-off funds to large quoted companies, to support strategy and business development.


Embrace growth and business challenges

  • Define company's mission, vision and values

  • Align stakeholders, culture and strategy

  • Define and implement strategic projects

  • Support innovation projects and agile culture

  • Support transformation projects (transmission, fusion, acquisition, ...)

  • Improve performance through leadership, communication and talent development

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Unlock your potential

  • Develop your talents and leadership

  • Manage your career change

  • Improve your decision making

  • Improve your collaboration

  • Improve your communication

  • Manage your stress 

  • Improve your resilience


Develop your collective intelligence

  • Align team and company strategy

  • Manage change

  • Improve collaboration

  • Improve communication and feedback

  • Develop potential

  • Improve creativity and innovation

  • Manage conflicts

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Guidance & Inspiration

  • Set up governance practices and Committees

  • Align stakeholders interests

  • Communicate with the Board

  • Evaluate and improve Board practices

  • Build efficient Executive Committee

  • Prepare and manage succession

  • Support an acquisition or sale process

" We know what we are, but not what we may be."

William Shakespeare

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